(The finalized workshop subjects will be available in Spring 2014)


Classroom will feature a series of 10-12 workshops and group discussions on wide variety of topics relating to theatre and media. All sessions are included as part of the program and require no additional cost. Attendance is never mandatory but participants are strongly encouraged to attend as many as possible. They promise to be both informative and entertaining, delivered by our great Classroom faculty.  A sample selection of workshops is given below. A final listing will be made available in Spring 2014. There will also be faculty led discussions on the various Fringe productions we shall be attending.


We anticipate most of the sessions taking place in the morning on campus, thereby allowing for maximum time to enjoy the Fringe for the rest of the day and evening.


Activating the Actor’s Imagination

Participants will experience a series of psychophysical exercises designed to inspire the actor’s inner life through images. The goal is to help the actor express creative ideas on stage through heightened physical choices and inspired acting.


Creating Character

This practical workshop will provide participants with techniques designed help the actor transform her/his own physicality into that of the character. Participants will explore creative ways to create character using concepts such as the character’s Imaginary Body and Centres, Quick Studies of Observed People,  and exercises from Commedia Dell’Arte.


Making the Character’s Past, Present and Future Alive

Participants will be led on an imaginative journey in which they imagine the life of the character and possible futures. The goal of the exercise is to allow the actor’s research on the life of the character to come to life and affect moment-to-moment action in the play.


Deconstructing the Monologue

Both the classic and modern monologue have a unique structure that must be broken down into individual sections called “beats”. Once they are identified and analyzed these sections can be reconstructed into a more powerful performance structure.


Approaching Character through Mask

Using a mask gives us a very personal look into character building and performance. This rehearsal technique focuses the entire body on the development of the character and frees the actor to experiment without the constraint of normal mental and physical inhibitions.


Exploring the Classics

Through Improvisation: Participants will pick a classic scene or monologue and use improvisation to explore the text. This will allow a more accessible interpretation of what is often very difficult material.


Stage Combat

Broadsword: A very simple but useful demonstration of stage combat using the broadsword. We will look at how to use the weapon and how to effectively create choreographed fight sequences.


Playwrights and Directors

Explore the ever evolving relationship between the playwright and the director as new works progress from the page, to workshop and ultimately to production.


The Business of Theatre

An introduction to Arts Management as we explore the complex relationship between the art and business of theatre. How to manage a theatre company, its facility and management team, market the productions and ultimately produce a paying audience. The workshop will also explore some practical advice on how to bring a show to the Edinburgh Fringe, and hopefully get it noticed and even nationally reviewed.

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